Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS

Ministerial Meeting of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS
13 February 2018 / Kuwait


The Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS was established on September 11, 2014, distinguished from the very first moment by the uniqueness of its membership, scope and commitment. The Global Coalition committed itself to defeating and degrade the terrorist group ISIS.

The 74 members of the Global Coalition were keen to stand up to all fronts, and work to destroy ISIS networks and stand up to defeat its ambitions for global expansion.

The Global Coalition led the military campaign in both Iraq and Syria, and was active in a parallel through the commitment of the Coalition member states to confront the terrorist group and to counter the influx of foreign terrorist fighters across the border, support stability, restore basic public services to liberated areas, and weaken its presence and activity online and in the media.

With the Coalition’s success in defeating ISIS, it is still keen to maintain the success that has been achieved on the ground by depriving the future presence of ISIS in any geographical region around the world.